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A. Breakthrough features of the product
- Management of the hospital as a whole most
- The modules are relatively independent design and integration will be a comprehensive process management.
- User-oriented system complies with the standard management of MOH hospitals in Vietnam, Accounting Law, Law on Health Insurance and access to hospital management standard modern world.
- Open system design and business technology allows to integrate new features in the future.
- The system integrates many utilities with peripherals such as patient name system, magnetic card system, SMS, email, portal, electronic medical records, generate reports dynamic, integrated test, built-in diagnostic imaging, communicate with other systems or with systems at other health facilities.
Two. Breakthroughs in technology and innovation
- To achieve the many advantages of technology & product quality. OneMES was Onenet R & D team pioneered many researchers apply advanced technology to solve problems during travel company implementation & consulting foreign ERP solutions in Vietnam.
- Cloud computing: a pioneer in the application model of distributed computing & network computing (Grid Computing) very early in product development platform and later developed into a popular concept Cloud (Cloud Computing). Typically, two technology platforms to support software development became popular in the world is Gizmox Visual Web GUI, Entity Framework / WFC.
- Workflow Engine / Business Object Modeling: a pioneer in applying technology analysis & design of object-oriented database & application of active flow control operations (Workflow Engine), which turned into an ecosystem OneMES the the record business.
- Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) is a communication model to balance text-based/Web Services & binary-based/TCPIP. Get a sacrifice principles to optimize performance of the binary complex communication, to obtain communications data structures do not work but still too large packets as Web Services. This interface supports communication medium & distributed computing in the internal between the components in the system and communicate with the external application system, which enhanced the level of tight internal structure of software business .
- Back Date data entry: early resolution technology research backdated data entry while ensuring strict data structures & when required inspection can still access the data rate is back date data
- Local Storage: To study the successful application of local storage technology that later became standard in HTML5 technologies in developing computing applications on the Internet.


Partners & customers
Thanh Hoa O & G Hospital
Thanh Hoa Department of Health. ONENET implement ONEMES for O & G Hospital (about 500 beds): Total solutions for Hospital management information system.
04 hospital, Yen Bai DOH
Yeh Bai Department of Health. ONENET implement ONEMES for 04 Hospitals (about 600 beds): Total solutions for Hospital management information system.
ONENET implement ONEMES for 08 Hospitals (about 1600 beds): Total solutions for Hospital management information system. KfW is the sponsor for this project