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ONEFLEX Solution (ONENET Flexible Reporting Framework) is an overall solution of swiftly and flexibly dynamic report building system. It is built on MS.NET web – base MVC technology.  ONEFLEX can fully satisfy all features:
- Tools run in web-base based on Microsoft’s newest technology.

- Permit managers update and make change of online reporting forms over time.

- Permit the dynamic construction of synthesis report, information extraction, construction of formulas aggregating data from reports available (like a compact online excel tool).

- Permit subordinate units to update reports on overall system of the organization.

- Support tools to update data through pre-formatted excel file.

- Chart the reports including: wiring diagram, bar chart, trend analysis chart; build flexible working screen, customized menu system at the request of customers.

- Open system can communicate with other systems of databases to update data as the report’s requirement.

- System built has friendly, easily-used interface.

- Detailed permission for each individual, unit according to its function, organization and array data. Also, the system tracks the access and manipulation of it of each issued access.

- Export data to file excel, pdf, printer, email.

- The system is integrated with organization’s web, portal.

- The system can send, receive exchange notifications of support requirement from units and reply from superior.

- Inventory management system is built with approriate solutions to access and use in the system of subordinate units. Permission and access granting are suitable so that information is not accessible from the system for non predefined IP addresses.

- Share information, data between senior and subordinate units as well as departments within each level.

- Permission about administrators updating, modifying the list of system’s share such as: unit, province, report level, reporting norm, list at the top of reports.

- Besides, the system need to meet the following demand:

+ An interface for units importing data. Two formats for importing data. Can not be modified after submitted to the superior.
+ After submitting to the superior, subordinates just can modify the data when having the superior’s agreement.
+ Reports submitted to the corporation have links to show detail in all units.
+ Export all information of report to file word, pdf

Partners & customers
Thanh Hoa O & G Hospital
Thanh Hoa Department of Health. ONENET implement ONEMES for O & G Hospital (about 500 beds): Total solutions for Hospital management information system.
04 hospital, Yen Bai DOH
Yeh Bai Department of Health. ONENET implement ONEMES for 04 Hospitals (about 600 beds): Total solutions for Hospital management information system.
ONENET implement ONEMES for 08 Hospitals (about 1600 beds): Total solutions for Hospital management information system. KfW is the sponsor for this project