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ONEnet E-Portal 

  onePORTALl is total solution for electronic portal developed by the company based ONEnet MS.NET technology. onePORTAL has full functionality of a standard electronic portal business information needed as quickly and conveniently search, personalization, information integration, information publishing, single sign-on, ...

The main module of onePORTAL as:

• Information management portals & websites (Portal Manager)

• Manage application service (service module - Module Definition Manager)

• Integrated and information display (desktop manager / portlet - Portal administration & content aggregation)

• Connect and work databases (Data Provider Factory

• Sign a door (SSO), authentication and authorization

• Manage members (User Manager)

• Language Resource Management (Globalization / Localization Mechanism)

• System online content editor (Online HTML Editor)

• Upload and manage files (File Manager)

• Search the entire portal (Portal Search)

• assembly and display search results for the application service (Search Portal Adapter)

• Optimize your keywords (keywords) and website for search engines

• Write down the link (Url Rewrite)

• Send information via e-mail (Email Services & TellFriends)

• Collect and publish information in the standard RSS 2.0 and ATOM 1.0

• to extract data and asymmetric interaction through AJAX technology

• META Information Services

• Support for acceleration (turning) and use log

• Backup and restore backup data (backup / restore)

• Report online

The application of professional services

• Content Management (CMS)

• Newspaper / news / publishing information (Static Text / HTML)

• Private Messages (Private Message)

• Show Summary XML standard (standard XmlFeeds RSS and ATOM)

• Menu action (Portal Navigator)

• Resource sharing (DownloadLibs 

• Announcement (Announcement Manager)

• Advertising (AdManager)

• Photo Gallery (Photo Gallery)

• Library media resources (MediaLibs - movie, flash, ...)

• Links (Links Manager)

• Request & Support (Issue Tracker)

• Online support (LiveSupport)

• Online discussion (Online Interview 

• Poll (QuickPoll)

• Event (Events Manager)

• Schedule of Work (Working Calendar)

• Exchange Forum (Forum)

• FAQs (FAQ Manager)

• Private e-mail (Online Newsletters)

• Customer Relationship Management

• Management of documents

Besides, onePORTAL also be built with the goal of supporting organizations and businesses make their systems as an effective online marketing channels.Therefore, onePORTAL has been integrated more tips, the process technology SEO, SEM optimization and search access to your portal through search engines like Google.com, MSN . com, ASK.com, YAHOO.com, ...

Partners & customers
Thanh Hoa O & G Hospital
Thanh Hoa Department of Health. ONENET implement ONEMES for O & G Hospital (about 500 beds): Total solutions for Hospital management information system.
04 hospital, Yen Bai DOH
Yeh Bai Department of Health. ONENET implement ONEMES for 04 Hospitals (about 600 beds): Total solutions for Hospital management information system.
ONENET implement ONEMES for 08 Hospitals (about 1600 beds): Total solutions for Hospital management information system. KfW is the sponsor for this project